About Us

What makes DigiCinco different?

We – Albert & Marlène – were both born in the Netherlands and we have traveled a lot over the past 25 years. We have had the wonderful opportunity to live and work in 6 different countries across the world. Today we call Valencia, Spain our home. A city that inspires people with its modern architecture and historic buildings.

Albert has worked in the IT industry almost all of his career as a Project, and Program Manager and has a passion for technology. Through his extensive experience in working with international clients, ranging from Startups through large corporations, he is able to analyze a company’s current situation and discover new avenues for growth through the use and evaluation of the right digital tools. No project is too complex.

Marlène has worked in tourism, headhunting, education, and digital marketing at different international companies. Her knowledge and passion are focused on creative design, planning, and creating complete corporate identities, through the use of different digital tools. This can range from logo design, (new) websites, to planning Social Media Campaigns.

DigiCinco Digital Agency

Together we have combined our experiences to create DigiCinco in 2018.

We work globally with clients in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, USA, and many other countries. With our international exposure to different markets, we have learned how countries have different approaches to markets and client relationships.

We love working with our extensive global network of professionals, contributing to DigiCinco’s knowledge and talent and in turn providing us with unlimited resources for our clients.

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