How can your company digitalize?

Digitalization impacts almost everyone and every business. In today’s world, all companies and businesses from big to small have a need for digitalization and are changing their Digital Presence.

Your Digital Presence means how, and which digital tools you use for your business.

This can range from building a website or Social Media Marketing to setting up a CRM system to track all your contacts, emails, etc in one place. To know what tools would be specifically useful for your company, we would need to determine which category or categories your business fits in.

That is why DigiCinco has set up a “DigiCinco Digitalization Index” (DDI) 

So what is the DigiCinco Digitalization Index?
To start, we will work with you to find out in which category or categories your business fits in.

Based on that outcome, we will then develop the best strategy for your business to maximize the digitalization potential, using the best (free) digital tools available to your specific situation.

We will work with you to (re)define what your company is good at, and articulate that in a digital format.

Contact us to find out your DDI, and get a free 10-minute introductory Digital Analysis.

Which category does your business fit into? This is the first step in creating your DDI profile.

Products or Services that you can sell online

IT, Accountants, Translators, etc - mostly digital track

"Brick and Mortar" Store -Products

Fashion Accessories, Vending Machines, Manufacturers, etc.

Services that you can only deliver physically

Carpenters, Installers, Movers, Transport, Containers, etc

Services that can be offered in person and online

Wellness Coach, Fitness Instructor, Psychologist, etc.

Digitalization Project

Klim Technologies
Online sales of Technology Products
Technology Products

Loyalty Program & App development

When KLIM contacted us, they were dealing with a good amount of business, but a lot of customers lacked “brand loyalty”.

DigiCinco used existing technologies and developed custom code to set up a Loyalty Program for the company’s customers. By using the developed technology, customers are awarded for buying the company’s products (even on other websites), while attracting customers to make the next technology purchase at KLIM’s own website, at reduced (loyalty) prices, with an extended warranty, etc.

The next phase is to develop an e-commerce app that will be available on iOS and Android. The expected go-live period of the app is Q4 2020.

Get a free 10 minute introductory Digital Analysis