EU focuses on, and invests heavily in the 2020s ‘digital decade’

Albert van Creveld

Founder at DigiCinco – your Digital Agency

Wednesday, September 16,2020 at the European ‘State of the Union’, EU President Ursula von der Leyen delivered a wide ranging speech, on many different subjects.

One item that caught my attention was the new focus of the EU to make the “2020s” Europe’s “digital decade” – President von der Leyen committed the bloc to spending a fifth (€150 billion) of the €750 billion coronavirus support fund announced earlier this year on digital investments.

“There has never been a better time to invest in European tech companies with new digital hubs growing everywhere from Sofia to Lisbon to Katowice,” she said. “We have the people, the ideas, and the strength as a Union to succeed. And this is why we will invest 20% of NextGenerationEU on digital.”

“We are reaching the limits of the things we can do in an analogue way. And this great acceleration is just beginning. We must make this Europe’s Digital Decade,” von der Leyen added.

“We need a common plan for digital Europe with clearly defined goals for 2030, such as for connectivity, skills, and digital public services. And we need to follow clear principles: the right to privacy and connectivity, freedom of speech, free flow of data, and cybersecurity.

“But Europe must now lead the way on digital — or it will have to follow the way of others, who are setting these standards for us. This is why we must move fast.”

Get in on the Digitalization trend

Of course, much of the investments will go to the infrastructure of 5G and 6G and data regulations, but now that the EU has decided that digitalization is here and needs to be taken seriously by all member states, I believe that we need to start taking advantage of these international policies and get involved in the changing digital landscape surrounding us.

Especially in these challenging times of ever-changing policies and business landscapes, the digital landscape can be the one constant to hold on to. Not bound by borders, nationalities, or necessary travel, the digital market is present and visible everywhere.

Also in Valencia, where (if all goes well) the ‘Valencia Digital Summit’ ( will take place in November, supported by the digital initiatives by the city of Valencia (

As DigiCinco, we have been working diligently to make sure our clients can take advantage of these new ways of doing business. The old rules no longer apply, and people and companies are adapting to the new way of doing business, the digital way.

So what is Digitalization again, and how can it help my business?

According to the world’s leading research and advisory company, Gartner “Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities

So, as I mentioned in my last article this spring, digitalization can have an impact on any business, small or big, online, or conventional ‘brick and mortar’ stores.

Following through on our involvement in this digitalization trend, we have transformed our own business and we are relaunching our website, as a true Digital AgencyNot as a conventional marketing agency, but as a true digital partner for companies to start digitalizing their business, to be prepared for what’s to come in the (ever-changing) future.

On our new website, we will go into more details on how we can help your business start using the best digital tools, in order to seek new clients and revenue opportunities, and develop a solid digital strategy.

Despite all the negative news going around every day, let’s take this time to find new opportunities and get ourselves ready to participate in Europe’s “digital decade.