Hospitality Industry

As former owners of a successful hospitality business for 10 years, our specialty is creating websites for the Hospitality Industry

A business in the hospitality / tourism industry?

The hospitality Industry requires a unique approach to web design to stand out from your competitors.

We have 10 years of experience working in the hospitality and tourism industry. While operating a successful B&B, we also started our web design agency at the same time. This experience has made us innovative web designers that understand what you need on a hospitality or tourism website to create an inviting and informational website that attracts future clients.

Curious about what we have done for our clients? Please take a look at some of our projects below and discover what we can do.

Luxury Rental Property in Southern France - Web Design

"Loft" by Lieu

As an expansion to their existing B&B, our clients completely renovated this 12 person rental property “Loft”. The main focus was creating a site where future clients could find all the information and images they needed to get a feel of how well this beautiful loft was designed with all its amenities and surroundings.

Tour Company - Website Redesign

Sidecar Tours Valencia - Spain

This company offers stylish tours in a sidecar through Valencia and surrounding areas. DigiCinco redesigned their website as its business was growing with many  international clients They needed a website that showed their clients their classic sidecar. It also needed to have a clear view of the Tours they offered. This website was delivered in 3 different languages.

Italian Restaurant - Website Design

Pizzeria Raices

A family-owned restaurant in the popular Canovas neighborhood of Valencia. Their specialty is “Pizza Napolitana” and using fresh ingredients imported from the Napoli region in Italy. Their desire was to have their product “speak” to their customers displaying their artisan way of preparing Neapolitan pizzas.

Bed & Breakfast Southern France - Website Design

Domaine des Agnelles

Our clients run a very successful B&B and we also designed their first website many years ago. When they were in need of a new, more current website they came back to us. Working closely together with our clients, who new exactly how they wanted the website to be designed, we created a website they had envisioned. Keeping with their flair and charm, that so many guests have enjoyed over the years.


Our pricing depends on all the features you would like to use on your website. For that reason, e-commerce websites are more expensive to design and build than a more informative website.

Our prices range from €600 /€980 for a website with informative pages of text, pictures, and a contact form to e-commerce websites starting between €1500/ €3000

Each website is unique and so are prices for the websites we build. Contact us to talk about what you are looking for and we can give you a quote. All quotes are based on what we can create for your business and what you expect from us.