How to be digitally prepared for the ‘New Normal’

Albert van Creveld

Founder at DigiCinco – your Digital Agency


On  May 14, 2020, we held a presentation for the NZKV, the Dutch business organization in the Valencia region.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, all in-person events have of course been canceled, but the NZKV is now organizing online lectures and presentations of and for Dutch entrepreneurs who are doing business from, in, or with the Valencia region in Spain.

Last week it was our turn and we decided to give a presentation about how to be prepared for the ‘New Normal’, as a result of the COVID-19 situation worldwide

The subject of the presentation

There were about 20 participants on the Zoom video call, and the discussion was basically focused around three major points:

  1. Is ‘Digital’ applicable and useful to anyone doing business (spoiler alert- Yes!)
  2. How do companies work in general – we made the distinction between: mainly/exclusively selling online, selling products that you resell through ‘Brick & Mortar’ stores, exclusively physical delivery of products & services, services that you prefer to deliver physically, but are also suitable to be delivered online.
  3. What digital options are best for your company?

"Something needs to change"

We’re all aware that things are changing around us, whether we like it or not. Let’s face it, people are resistant to change, even in “normal” situations, let alone in this day and age when laws and rules seem to change every day (and sometimes more often than that.)

So why is digital applicable and useful to anyone doing business?

Well, change doesn’t always mean that you need to change your business, but it does mean that in the business life-cycle there is always a need to improve and learn. In this case, we are talking about using digital tools to your benefit, not to feel forced to build an e-commerce website to start selling online (although that can sometimes be the best option for your business.)

A sample of available tools that were highlighted

In ‘going digital’ we divided the possible solutions into 3 different “categories” of tools that can be applied to all 4 “categories” of businesses that are listed above:

  1. Selling Digitally – (build an e-Commerce website, sell on marketplaces like Amazon, etc.)
  2. Using digital tools to sell more or differently – (Social Media Marketing, Digital Branding, etc.)
  3. Some free digital tools to work better and more efficiently (Free CRM, Free Video Calls, Free Email marketing, etc.)

What are these digital tools and how can I use them?

Let’s put these different tools in context of how they can and should be used.

It’s useless if you just list some tools that you can find online and then let customers figure out for themselves how to use them. Often these (free) tools have so much functionality, that beginning users either don’t use them, or they only use less than half of the functionality that is available to them. The session was used to inform people about the different possibilities to start using digital tools to adapt to the ‘New Normal’.

As a Digital agency, we can assist you in adapting to the ‘New Normal’. Whether it is setting up a one-page website, creating an e-Commerce website, developing a Social Media Marketing strategy or simply a desire to grow your business with (free) available tools, we are here to help you.

You can contact us through our website DigiCinco, or just contact us through Linkedin, Whatsapp @ +34 621 03 15 61, all without any obligations, since we’re here to help you and your business succeed in the ‘New Normal’.