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A good website is an important part of digitalizing your business. We create new websites or redesign websites that are in need of updates, or a more “up to date” look. Redesigning your website can also improve your ranking on search engines.

Having a good User Experience is an important feature that needs to be present on any website. This is why we create websites that showcase your company’s identity and that are easy to navigate for your customers.

We start with a discovery phase where we get to know your company. Once we understand your business model, we start designing and building your new website. Once this is done,  we test the website thoroughly with a QA ( Quality Assurance) Testing phase. As a final step, you can test the whole website and give us feedback for any last changes.

Then, your website is ready to go live.

We also offer hosting and maintenance packages for your website. Because even after your website is live, we like to maintain a relationship with our clients and guide them through their complete digital journey.

Web Design Projects

sidecar tours valencia
Sidecar Tours Valencia
"The website developed by Digicinco is great. It has been a pleasure working with the team, the smooth communication has made everything easy. We are totally satisfied and we can only recommend them". Jan
City Tour Company

Redesign Website

This company offers stylish tours in a sidecar through Valencia and surrounding areas. DigiCinco redesigned its website as its business was growing with lots of international clients, so we also delivered the website in 3 different languages.

Shipping Container Industry

Redesign Website

This specialist in buying and selling of shipping containers (worldwide) needed a dynamic redesigned website for their growing business in Valencia. Their most important feature is their up to date worldwide stock of containers. They have worked in the shipping container industry for over 20 years.

EMTO Partnership
EMTO Partnership
EMTO Partnership
Shipping Containers Sales & Leasing
DigiCinco Web Design - Designed by Me
Designed by me
Handbag designer
Unique handbag design artist

e- Commerce Website

Elodie designs all the handbags she sells. Some designs used on the handbags come from artists she works with closely. She has designed handbags for big retailers in France and now is ready to start selling her own designs. She needed an e-commerce website to sell her handbags globally.

Rental Property

New Website

As an expansion to their existing B&B, our clients completely renovated this 12 person rental property “Loft”. Since we already had built the website for their B&B, they trusted us to design and build the new website for this property as well. The main focus for this property was creating a site where future clients could find all the information and images they needed to get a feel of how well this beautiful loft was designed with all its amenities and surroundings.

DigiCinco Digital Agency
Loft by Lieu
"Marlene and Albert are our website designers. They have made 3 websites for us and we are so happy with them because they can truly make our design wishes come true". Micky & Roger

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