Starting things right

Starting a new company is exciting. It all starts with an idea that needs to be set up the right way, from the start.

You need to take care of so many things, legally, operationally, etc.  You feel like you’re being pulled in every direction possible, and it’s challenging to keep everything clear.  Of course, your business plan has covered everything, but now it is time to execute.

Startups often get started with the administrative tasks first and decide to focus on the technology part later, when “everything important has been taken care of”.

From our own experience, we can tell you that it is important to be technically prepared, but more importantly, use technology to your advantage, from the first day you go over to action when you begin executing your well thought out business plan.  This will save you lots of time and money later on.

That way you will be ready to keep doing what you are good at, running your startup, with your ideas. We’re here, ready to make it all a bit easier for you.

DigiCinco can set up the whole digitalization for the company from CRM systems, email accounts, logo design, to a complete website, and social media marketing. We can assist you with anything digital that comes your way in your journey as a new startup.

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Projects with Startups

Vitalaxed DigiCinco Web Design
"I'm very happy with DigiCinco. Our communication was all through video conferencing and e-mail since I am in Holland and they are in Spain. It was a very pleasant experience". Gwendolyn
Health Coach

New Website & Logo Design

Vitalaxed guides you to be come more healthy in body and mind. Giving you more energy but also making you feel more relaxed. Gwen provides you 1 on 1 guidance. We have designed a logo for this start up, that is based in Holland. She needed a clear, fresh and simple website.  

Postural Alignment Training

Website, Social Media, Logo Design & Digitalization

YuMe Balance is a start up based in Germany. They chose to go with our full Startup Package, guiding them in their digital future. Since they offer Online and In Person Training session we used a global approach in launching their business.  

YuMe Balance DigiCinco web design
YuMe Balance Logo DigiCinco Digitalization
YuMe Balance
Postural Alignment Training

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