Start Up

We guide entrepreneurs to become successful in their new business

Starting things right

Starting a new company is exciting. It all starts with an idea that needs to be set up the right way, from the start. You put your heart and soul into it and that is why you need to use digital technology to your advantage, from the start. Why? It will save you lots of time and money later on.

We can design a website for you that can grow with your business. With that we can set up email accounts, a CRM system, design a logo, giving your company the image you envision, etc. We would love to hear all about your new business and discuss what we can do for you. All start ups are  different and that is why we can personally guide you with your new business needs from a digital perspective.

Take a look below at some startups that we have worked with and are still working for.

Startup -Postural Alignment Specialist

YuMe Balance

YuMe Balance is a startup based in Germany. This postural alignment specialist creates balance in her clients life. From individual training  sessions to companies that offer their employees online group training. With this comes a full package of DigiCinco Startup guidance.


Our pricing depends on all the features you would like to use on your website. For that reason, e-commerce websites are more expensive to design and build than a more informative website.

Our prices range from €600 /€980 for a website with informative pages of text, pictures, and a contact form to e-commerce websites starting between €1500/ €3000

Each website is unique and so are prices for the websites we build. Contact us to talk about what you are looking for and we can give you a quote. All quotes are based on what we can create for your business and what you expect from us.